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Grabbing people’s attention is my forte. With every talk I give my goal is to share a highly engaging and informative talk that will wow your audience. Here’s a little more about me and my approach.
  • I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since age 15 and has launched and sold several multi-million dollar companies. I have a knack for creating processes and systems that businesses can grow with.
  • On my blog, I love writing about productivity on a personal and business front. I’ve helped to transform lives by inspiring others through my own entrepreneurial journey and detailing how I’ve built up systems and habits to automate all aspects of my life.
  • As a speaker, I’m excellent at directing a complex topic and breaking them down into manageable chunks your audience will understand. I incorporate, science, studies and the human condition to provide practical insights that can be easily applied to their own life or business.

Keynote Speaker Request Form

I am available for keynote speaking engagements around the world. Interested for me hiring me for your events? Please fill the form below and start then conversation.

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