Ranch Work to Professional Boxing to Entrepreneurship - Ali Mahvan

In this super interesting episode, Ashwin and Cody detail the life and story of Ali Mahvan, the CEO and Co-founder of Sharebert, an AI-powered shopping app who got his start shoveling horse shit on a ranch in Arizona. After being bullied as a child he found a passion for boxing, started a sportswear company, and ended up working with some of the most influential people in boxing, including Floyd Mayweather. We also talk journeys, life decision-making, and some of our favorite books for entrepreneurs.

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Show Notes

00:10 - Introduction

01:25 - You grew up a little bit poor and you had you were bullied growing up. Can you tell me a little bit about that and how that had you transition into boxing.

05:20 - Learning about life.

06:21 - Understanding the world around you.

07:27 - It doesn't matter what other people about you.

09:44 - Success was a must for me.

37:18 - It’s simply performance.

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