Learn the Traveler's Mindset and Stress-based Mindfulness - Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is the Founder and CEO of under30experiences, recently ranked on the Forbes 5,000 list. In this episode, Matt & I discuss the importance of travel in getting outside of your daily habits, and mindfulness-based practices to calm and reduce stress.

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Show Notes

02:13 - So what is under30experiences?

02:42 - Why did you put up under30experiences?

07:01 - How has travel changed your life?

11:19 - How did you go about developing that mindset of openness?

20:06 - How does traveling help when you feel you’re stuck in a rut?

26:52 - How was meditation beneficial to you?

36:10 - The Memory Palace Technique.

47:16 - What’s a routine that works for you?

59:41 - What is the book you are working on that focuses on traveling?

63:55 - What message would you like to impart to young people?

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