Learn How to Improve your Memory with 4x USA Memory Champion - Nelson Dellis

In this episode of the MindHack podcast, you'll learn simple techniques to improve your memory that can be practiced at any time! Learn techniques from books like Remember It and Moonwalking with Einstein to help you remember the letter and number combinations with memory palaces and other techniques. Nelson Dellis is a four-time USA memory champion and holds the world record for memorizing the most names (235) and words (256) in 15 minutes, as well as the most digits (907) in 30 minutes, and remembering the most decks of playing cards (9.02 decks) in 30 minutes.

Although Nelson seems like a Rainman, he's just an average Joe who has taken up a skill of memorization, a technique that dates back thousands of years. Nelson's book Remember It is extremely well written and even includes an intro written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Nelson has been featured on CNN, ABC, and many other places. He is the co-Founder of the Memory League, a free online community, and he has also made three attempts to summit Mt. Everest.

This is an interesting conversation where we discuss how he discovered the world of memory and specific techniques you can start using instantly to improve your memory. Nelson even shares the story of how he once used his memory to cover the tab of a $600 restaurant bill. Truly anybody can drastically improve their ability to remember things with the right attitude and technique.

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Show Notes

5:34 - What is the memory palace?

6:56 - What's the quickest way to remember something that you did or did not do?

8:54 - How about an easy way to remember images?

10:44 - Why do people forget some things easily?

30:47 -What is the best way to start memorizing words while learning a new language?

33:35 - What other techniques do you have for memorizing letters and numbers?

35:16 - Why focus on the issue of memory? Why is this important to you?

41:49 - Can you give us a few reminders on how to take care of our mental health?

46:27 - How is memory training helpful in life?

49:15 - What is your typical day like?

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