Launch Yourself Into a Revenue-First Startup - Brent Summers

What does it mean to build a startup as an entrepreneur? In this conversation with Brent Summers, we look at some of the challenges that you'll be faced with not only validating your idea, questions you need to be asking yourself, and how to build a startup as a non-technical person, should you have a founder or just manage contractors.

Brent founded and recently sold a company called Code-Free Startup, which is an online learning platform that teaches others how to build a startup using visual design tools like Brent also has a website called and on that site, he publishes a list of previous companies or products he's built and gives a case study on the success or failure of that. Brent took a concept from the online marketing world of building a personal brand and selling online courses, because in most cases once you put the course together, it'll continue to make money for you similar to Tim Ferris's 4-Hour Work-week concept.

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Show Notes

05:30 - What are the pros and cons of creating a Revenue-First Startup?

09:25 - What inspired you to follow this type of business model?

13:05 - For you, what are the skills needed in putting up a business?

25:45 - What is the biggest mistake that some startup companies commit?

39:26 - Tell us your opinion on the idea of hiring a contractor or a co-founder.

46:38 - Why do you say that a business is a vehicle for personal growth?

47:52 - Is it easier for a developer to learn marketing or for someone with a marketing background to learn how to code?

49:46 - How did you develop the discipline to learn coding and other things that are as difficult?

1:02:12 - How long would it take for a non-technical person to develop an app in Bubble?

1:07:24 - How do you develop confidence so you can take on a goal such as putting up a startup?

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