How to Hack your Motivation and Productivity - Nick Winter

Nick Winter is the co-founder of the highly successful startup, CodeCombat, a free-to-use educational gaming company that teaches players the fundamentals of computer programming.

He's also the author of the book, The Motivation Hacker and conducted a series of experiments over 3-months time to create good habits, learn new skills and push himself to achieve more. In this incredible episode, we dig into goal-setting, creating new habits, dealing with burn-out and so much more!

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Show Notes

03:24 - How did you get the idea for the book?

05:34 - What is your solution to those instances when you lose time for a particular task?

10:16 - What’s the most important thing in setting goals?

42:59 - What do you do when you’re close to burnout?

43:45 - What do you do in order to understand the emotions that you feeling right now or if what you’re doing is working or not?

45:09 - A simple tip to be more productive and happier.

45:23 - A suggestion so you can approach a new problem without the stress.

48:55 - What do you do when you’re in a rut and need to get out?

51:55 - What’s your challenge to your readers?

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