How This Startup Founder Plans To Hit $10 Million - Aleksandr Volodarsky of

Aleksandr is the founder of, a service that matches startup founders with vetted developers. He is publicly committed to getting to 2.5m revenue by the end of 2021. Aleksandr is a true professional in business development and R&D out-staffing.

In this episode, we look at a variety of topics ranging from co-founders, what mistakes not to make, and why being a non-technical founder is less of a problem than ever.

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00:00 – Starting Coding Ninjas

02:41 – Advice for other entrepreneurs

08:12 – Mistakes entrepreneurs make

10:19 – Short term vs freelance

15:57 – Twitter as a marketing strategy

18:36 – Outsourcing social media

19:37 – How to make successful tweets

21:49 – How important are domain names?

23:50 – Why has there never been a better time for entrepreneurs?

27:04 – Finding an idea that hasn’t been done already

28:43 – Potential pitfalls for non-technical people

31:57 – How many developers are currently on

37:13 – What variables are going to allow you to achieve growth?

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