How Founder of BestSelf Co Went From Quitting Her Job to Building a $30 Million Dollar Self-Improvement Empire - Cathryn Lavery

Today’s guest is Cathryn Lavery, the founder of Best Self Co, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in selling journals, card decks, and online courses. Best Self creates meaningful products and tools that help you create positive change in your life - so you can show up better for yourself, your connections, and the world.

Cathryn originally migrated to the United States as an overworked and underpaid architect and in this episode she shares how she went from quitting her job to starting a company that has in just a few short years, generated over $30m dollars in sales. She shares everything from the mindset that helped her succeed, to how she overcame multiple obstacles from employee embezzlement to leaving a hostile business relationship and coming out ahead.

If you’re at all interested in entrepreneurship then I think you’ll like my conversation with Cathryn Lavery.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Life as an underpaid architect in NYC.

07:04 - How did you go from being an architect to launching BestSelf Co?

10:41 - The mental evolution as a business owner.

13:21 - Mistakes to avoid when selecting a business partner.

19:51 - Why do you look at your business partnership like a marriage?

24:35 - How did you remove yourself from the day-to-day equation?

31:42 - How to externalize your processes.

41:40 - Interesting experiences a business owner will come across.

44:30 - Separating business time for your own personal growth.

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