Founder Discusses Importance of Internal Values in Business - Taylor Jacobson

Taylor Jacobson is the founder & CEO of Focusmate (, a virtual coworking community on a mission to help everyone do their best work. Thousands of people in 160+ countries sit side-by-side, via video, to keep each other company, cheer each other on, and hold one another accountable. He's been featured in The New Yorker, CNN, The Guardian, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more.

If you’re someone who has had to adapt to life as a virtual worker in the past year and want to learn more about Focusmate or the person behind it, then please welcome Taylor Jacobson.

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Show Notes

01:00 - How did Focusmate come into existence?

16:47 - What was the motivation behind starting Focusmate?

18:00 - Keeping your internal values as you launch a company.

20:10 - Early experiences an entrepreneur may face.

22:22 - How did your perspective change as Focusmate grew larger?

34:42 - Attachment theory toward your company.

40:55 - Is being obsessed with production a bad thing?

47:04 - How big corporations worship productivity.

58:10 - What is your goal with Focusmate?

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