Finding Strategies, Purpose, Ideologies for Success with Flow Expert - Rian Doris

Rian has worked his way up to working with some of the world’s leading experts on peak performance and flow including Keith Ferrazzi, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Steven Kotler, his partner at Flow Research Collective.

He is the Co-Founder & COO at the Flow Research Collective, a research and training institute focused on decoding the neuroscience of flow states and training leaders to achieve peak performance.

In this episode, we look at a variety of topics ranging from understanding Flow, attachment styles, the importance of purpose, and much more.

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Show Notes

08:31 - What is the Flow Genome Institute?

04:42 - What is the Attachment Theory?

05:57 - What are the different Attachment Styles?

18:05 - What strategy did you use to start putting your plans into action?

26:12 - What is your purpose and meaning behind your success?

49:13 - Were you naturally confident or did you develop this in some other way?

43:10 - What is your morning routine?

34:24 - Are there any ideologies that you follow from other people?

45:06 - How did you end up with your venture with Stephen Kotler?

46:57 - What does Flow Research do for people?

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