Find Flow, Accomplish Goals and Improve your Life - Malcolm Ocean

Malcolm Ocean is the creator of the Complice goal-oriented productivity system. He's been experimenting with habit-change and productivity systems since high school and has tried everything from tiny behavioral tweaks to major mindset upgrades. His current main purpose is to make people be able to think and work effectively, as individuals and collectives. In this episode, we go over a whole host of topics covering productivity, goal setting, meditation, bio-feedback, heart-rate variability, finding Flow, getting outside your comfort zone and so much more.

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Show Notes

00:48 - This is why Malcolm enjoys programming.

05:26 - What is a multi-potentiality?

13:43 - The effective altruism movement

19:07 - What is the best thing about having a software business?

21:45 - What is interfacing at the speed of thought?

56:54 - What is the Pomodoro technique and how does it work?

59:47 - Why shouldn’t you be bothered if a routine or a habit suddenly stops “working”?

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