Creating a Kaizen Culture and the Importance of Poetry - Seth Braverman

Seth is COO of Xylem Design in Fort Collins, CO. An amateur philosopher and writer of poetry, he's spent the past two years studying under Dan Beachy-Quick, poet and professor at CSU. In this episode we discuss the importance of Kaizen and Poetry––and the positive effects they can have on your life and business.

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Show Notes

01:45 - What is Kaizen Philosophy in a nutshell?

02:40 - What does Xylem Design do?

17:47 - What is Gemba?

29:05 - How do crucial conversations determine the quality of your life?

31:58 - What is presented for you?

36:55 - What is the ‘5 Whys’ problem-solving technique?

48:11 - What got you into poetry?

51:17 - What’s a poem you have read that means a lot to you?

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