Author of Predictable Profits & His Life Challenges - Charles Gaudet

Charles became an entrepreneur when he was only 4 years old and continued to hone his craft until today. In this episode, he will tell us the roller coaster ride he had to go through before he reached his own version of a successful life. He will convince you why failure is a good thing and that facing the challenges that will hurt you is always better.

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02:14 - If you ever want to make it big in this world you got to be an entrepreneur.

18:48 - I was likely encouraged by my mother who said you know you just learn differently you got to just figure out the way that you learn your learning style.

24:12 - If you look at the Ying-yang the place that you want to live is right in the middle. And to get to that middle is gratitude.

26:26 - Write down three things that you’re grateful for every single day that it’s been shown to be almost just as effective if not probably just as effective actually as an antidepressant.

26:53 - Happiness isn’t something that you get when you get somewhere. It’s something that you can choose to have at any moment in time whether you’re rich or poor.

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