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Finding your Passion shouldn't be difficult.

Understanding where you are and where you want to go can be one of the most difficult questions everybody must face in their lifetime. So go their entire lives without fulfilling this quest. While this newsletter doesn't promise to help solve this problem, it will surely help get you closer to finding an answer.

Finding an Optimal Workflow Shouldn't take 10,000 hours.

The best of the best are perfectionists at their work. Whether you're striving to be #1 in your game or simply trying to learn a new instrument, there are optimal methods for anything and everything. Often, we start improving our workflow with practice brought on by greater intuition. This newsletter breaks down some of the most successful people in history and how they did what they did.

Systemizing your Life shouldn't be unthinkable.

Dreaming of a lifestyle holds many back from ever accomplishing it. It could be time management, fear or a simple lack of priorities. A simple key though is creating systems and checklists. This newsletter shares some of the most popular and helpful systems and tips to helping you be more successful.

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