On the occasional weekend you might find me flying around Austin in a Cessna 172. Nothing special, just something new and exciting to try out. Below are some of my adventures.

Just a few touch and go's
Getting a flying lesson in a cirrus SR20
Night flying lesson in a C172
Recovering from stalls and unusual attitudes in cessna 172
Practicing Engine Failure during Landing in Cessna 172
Practicing shortfield landings in a C-172 @ Lockhart
Run-up & Takeoff in C-172 at KAUS
Flying Solo to College Station in a C172
Flying Solo in a C172 for a Touch and Go
Best of Flight Training
Touch and Go's at San Marcos
KAUS Sightseeing in a Cessna 172
Learning PAT with Stalls & Slow Flight in C172
Learning navigation & VORs in a C172N
Cross Country Flying and Pattern Practice