How Automating Business Processes Saved Me From Being a Burnt Out Entrepreneur and Increased My Productivity

The odds are stacked against us entrepreneurs. No matter how much time, money or resources we have at our disposal, starting a business is never easy. In my experience, one of the biggest issues I’ve personally had to deal with in being an entrepreneur is the constant tug-and-pull between the business and the supposed personal… Continue reading

How to Become Superhuman by Data Hacking Your Productivity like Tim Ferris

Everyday we learn and experiment. Sometimes it’s done by reading or taking a class, other times it occurs through life experiences or conversations with others. We then take what we learn and implement into into our everyday lives. At a basic level, this is relatively easy. You learn the Rule of Thirds in photography, and… Continue reading

The Psychology of Procrastination, and 12 ways to kick the habit

Procrastination is truly one of the most costly issues that affect society today. An estimated 20% of American Adults admin to being a chronic procrastinator. Some procrastinate for hours each day, barely making a dent in real work activities sometimes. Most of us first encounter this issue in school. From doing homework last minute, to… Continue reading