I started my first company when I was just 15. Ever since then my passion for brand building has only continued to soar. Check out some of my most prominent companies below. I’ve already sold most of them but still play a part in WireFuse and SupportNinja.

Companies I currently Run



Outsourcing for Startups

Focus on what you do the best and outsource the rest. This is the motto behind one of the world’s fastest growing Business Processing Outsourcing Companies, BPO for short. SupportNinja provides personalized to support organizations both large and small for a number of jobs from customer support to image editing.



VA Finder Service

Are you a small business owner in need of a low-cost and reliable virtual assistant who can work a full 40 hours a week for you? AssistNinja is a headhunting agency that will find, interview and test candidates to find you the best VA’s who will report directly to you.



Creative Digital Agency

Building a brand is an art, and the team at WireFuse are the artists. Newly competitive industries have given rise to new levels of Big Data in the world of online business and e-commerce. For the first time, it’s possible to combine user experience data and create design that is not only stunning but effective.

Companies I’ve Sold

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Outsourced Support for Hosts

One must be in a constant state of flux. A mind like water. To move smoothly from one surface to another. This was the goal of SupportMonk. To provide a level of support which would provide other hosting companies with a little bit more time and a lot less stress to continue running their business smoothly.

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Web Hosting

A true pioneer in web hosting. PacificHost was on the leading front for many small business owners in providing a hosting platform for e-commerce and media-sharing operations. The company aimed to balance service with cost and provided website and virtual hosting to thousands of customers in over 100+ countries around the world.



Web Hosting

Providing Web Hosting seems like a right of passage for every young freelancer. This company was no exception and was at the forefront of cPanel hosting back in it’s heyday. The company established new precedents in hosting optimization which have been adopted worldwide.


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