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from foster care to millionaire

Cody’s story offers all the components you’d expect from the success story of a young entrepreneur with Aspergers—motivation, drive, perseverance, focus, and passion. You might call it a rags-to-riches tale, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But that here-to-there narrative is only the top layer. Cody’s story unfolds to reveal a narrative that is more complicated and yet simpler, more central, to the human experience. What remains is the story of a boy, burdened like all of us with deep wounds and great gifts...

Life Optimization 101

Imagine if you could override procrastination, push through hard times and become the person you always thought you could be? In this short book we dive into the inner-workings of the human mind and explore a range of information and studies across psychology to find out how to become the best version of ourselves. Through his personal experience, author Cody McLain details his story of loneliness, depression and self-hatred and how he reframed his situation to create a success spiral for himself and those around him.

Productivity Secrets that will change your life

This short PDF offers a ton of various techniques and strategies you can use to improve your productivity day-by-day. Learn how we can use different colors, smells, environmental cues and even drugs to become a more productive version of ourselves.

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