Is the Best Productivity Tool of All Time?

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Ground-breaking Productivity App for the worst of the worst Procrastinators. Where other productivity apps seek to only remind you of the overwhelming list of things to do, utilizes the latest research in Psychology and Productivity to help you make meaningful progress towards your goals.

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Just took my first sip of coffee, it’s 8 PM as a took a glance at my Apple Watch. “Oh shit, shit shit shit,” I said to myself…” how did I let this happen?” I had promised to write an article and have it ready by the end of the week, and I had made that commitment a week prior.

If you’re anything like me, this short story is one you can easily find yourself relating to, where you live by your deadlines, put off anything that doesn’t need to be done until the very last moment.

I’ve tried just about every To-do list application and productivity app on the market, and is a different tool that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The founder, Malcolm Ocean is a little eccentric, but that’s what makes the application all the more brilliant.

What is Complice?

Complice is a tool that aims to bridge the gap between your goals and the intentions you set for yourself every-day. With a todo-list, it’s easy to pick and choose unimportant tasks that are often meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

To be human is to procrastinate. As WaitButWhy explains in this epic blog post, we’re always going to have a raging battle in our heads about what we know we should do and what we feel like doing. Complice is a special kind of software that seems to do what no other Todo-list or Project Manager has the capacity for; it takes our fallibility as human beings into account.

Checking off items on a to-do list can be powerful and invigorating, but more often than not that Todolist brings us more stress than the extra productivity it seemingly promises us. After a while of using one piece of software, we jump to a newer and shiner thing that in the back of our heads we think will help us be more productive than we were before.

Complice isn’t shiny and it’s not built to serve as the collection box for all the items on our ever-growing list of things we must do. It’s a tool that was solely built to help us make tiny bits of progress towards our far-reaching goals on a daily basis.

Who can use it?

If you’re like me, you’ve tried nearly all the todo-list and productivity apps on the market. You thrive on the idea of being more productive but consistently find yourself underperforming or focusing on the wrong things. You might start the day strong but easily get distracted and find yourself feeling unfulfilled by the end of the day.

You might be an entrepreneur, freelancer or a student and consistent issues feeling like you worked on the right things that moved the needle towards your larger projects and life goals.


Chrome New Tab Extension

Along with the web interface, the software has a Chrome Extension that will replace the default new tab page for Chrome. I’ve found this to be one of the best features of Complice.

In order to procrastinate, one of the most common things I’ll do is open a new tab and go visit Reddit, Facebook, YouTube etc.. However in using Complice I’ve found that when the new tab page shows what I should actually be working on, it’s been just enough of a push I needed to start working on that very thing.



I think the biggest turn-off for anybody right now would be the interface. It’s really hard to like and even more confusing to use. I know they’re working on improving the UX but it’s probably one of the biggest issues I see towards being able to use the software.


If your cash-strapped, then $12/mo might be a little much for a productivity software, however, Complice is willing to provide a more affordable price depending on your situation, they just ask that you contact them after signup. Furthermore, if you haven’t already you should use this guide by Ramit Sethi

Does it do what it promises?

The biggest problem with any software is going to be developing the habit around using it. As somebody who loves Todoist and will continue to use it to log various tasks I need to work on, it’s always a little more difficult to add an extra piece of software to the equation.

Complice is not just something that can help one achieve their goals, but it’s also just as much of an accountability software too. At the end of each week, it’ll ask you to review your goals and answer a series of questions about the progress you did or didn’t make.

At the beginning of each day, you’ll be reminded of your active goals and then be asked to write an achievable intention that relates to the goals you have set. The software encompasses many aspects of the GTD system developed by David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

Many todo software doesn’t allow you to distinguish between an administrative task and a task that relates to a larger goal. Furthermore, unless you’ve created a routine around reviewing these tasks on a regular basis, it can easily become disheartening to even open up the software without feeling overwhelmed.

Complice takes this into account by having you rate how each day, week and quarter went so that you’re constantly asking yourself what went wrong and what you can do better as in my experience, it’s this lack of insight that seems to contribute most to our frustration in trying to get things done.

In Summary

When it comes to getting stuff done, unfortunately, Complice won’t do them for you, but if you’re somebody like me who’s struggled at times with handling tasks, let alone accomplishing goals, then Complice might be a nice alternative to your average todo software.