How to 3x the Value of Your Next 99design Contest

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As a small business owner, I’ve had to bootstrap myself for over a decade. When you don’t have enough money to hire a consulting firm, or an agency or even other people, it’s on you and you alone to do what needs to be done.

A large part of my business career, as I’m sure many others is what to do when it comes to design? Whether that’s a website, logo, packaging - you name it. Every business no matter how large or small needs design work.

Now when it comes to design, I’ve been a fan of 99designs for years. It’s better than hiring a single person or agency because it gives you the widest array of art to choose from.

Basically, you select what kind of design you want, pick a prize and then designers around the world compete with each other to submit what they hope will be the winning design submission.

- Relatively cheap for a mockup
- Wide array of artistic style

- Most design submissions are crap
- Requires lots of time to manage a contest

How to maximize your design submissions

When you create a contest, 99designs allows you to invite other designers to your contest. I found out that I could send the same message to multiple different designers and get them to submit an entry to my contest.

Hey I was looking at your profile and I think you have some really amazing work. I recently launched a contest about redesigning our website for a support company. I'd be ecstatic if you'd be able to spend some time and submit a design for the contest.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing your entry. :)

That’s it, just a simple message that increased the number of designers who submitted designs to my contest. You can do this by just having a recurring daily task or if you have an assistant just have them send the message to other designers on the platform.