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Media Kit

After founding his first company in middle school, Cody has gone on to build and sell a variety of million dollar enterprises. His first two companies were in the web hosting industry which led him to open an office in India and provide outsourced support to other hosting companies. He’s consulted companies such as CloudMark, WPEngine and a host of other startups around the world. He has been featured in Businessweek, Under30CEO, Entrepreneur and Yahoo SmallBusiness. Now at just 25, he founded SupportNinja, a BPO company for other Startups. Furthermore Cody provides branding and design services with his digital creative agency, WireFuse. To learn more about Cody and his business adventures, visit his blog at

Cody McLain is the Founder and CEO of SupportNinja. After starting his first business at 15, he created and sold 4 more companies in just under a decade. Over that time frame he has helped thousands of customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. He’s been featured in Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur and others for his achievements and diverse skill set.

His first outsourcing company was SupportMonk, aimed primarily at service providers, offering expert system administrative support. With this success he noticed an urgent need for a similar service targeting emerging technology and business. This led to the establishment of SupportNinja. The company maintains a unique structure for systematically helping organizations large and small to resolve their outsourcing needs.
Cody McLain is President and Founder of WireFuseMedia, a multi-million dollar umbrella company which has established various service-based companies such as and Cody started his first business at just 15 and now serves as a mentor and consultant to other growing startups as well.

3rd Party Entrepreneur

Since the age of 15, cody has set out on many entrepreneurial endeavors. After selling several companies he has gone on to start his own incubator company and has since opened business’s in a variety of industries relating to medical, web hosting, support services and more. Today Cody not only seeks new opportunities for investment but helps others learn how to optimize their time more efficiently to achieve more in less time. Cody is currently in the midst of writing a book while he is a contributing editor at which talks about the psychology of getting things done.

I’ve been building companies in middle school, and have a knack for building successful brands. I’ve since founded a startup hub that works with multiple entrepreneurs to create successful companies of their own. I also occasionally blog at and my personal website is


Cody has served as President & CEO of WireFuseMedia since 2008. Since then he has led the company into 7 digit growth with the launch of several online brands ranging from web hosting, outsourced support and software brands. Furthermore, Cody blogs at where he talks about entrepreneurship and productivity to help other entrepreneurs follow their passions and accomplish their dreams.

Article about Business

Building a business takes persistence. It’s a common saying but only successful entrepreneurs know the true definition of this. At 24, Cody has started and sold several startups ranging in the millions of dollars. From running web hosting companies, to an outsourced support company based in India. Cody has experience in running a multitude of companies with organization hierarchies setup to grow and optimize each companies growth with little to no input from Cody himself. He currently has invested in a few small startups based in Austin and blogs at where talks about productivity and entrepreneurship.

Article to do with gadgets/technology

As a solo entrepreneur, I’ve started and sold several startups ranging into the millions. I’ve been fascinated by technology and how to maximize it’s use to increase my productivity. I don’t see technology as a source of happiness but rather as a way to make our time more efficient by automating processes and solving problems that we didn’t know we had. I’ve researched the best technology in every category and can provide recommendations for the best gadgets and devices in any range of areas. To learn more about me and what I do visit my blog at

Article to do with psychology, productivity, willpower, concentration etc..

I’m Cody and I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for almost half my life now. At just 24, I’ve started and sold several companies ranging in the millions and now I travel the world and blog about my experiences not only with the world but with productivity. You see being an entrepreneur, and wearing many different hats wasn’t easy. So I had to develop methods, hacks if you will to optimize my daily routine to maximize my time and energy. I’ve explored deep into the realm of psychology to understand why we do the things that we do as I’m a firm believer that by understanding our psychological foundation we can change ourselves to meet our long term goals and live a more fulfilling life. To learn more about me and what I do, visit my blog at

Random Thoughts

Every week I provide new information on how to structure your habits, understand your passions and build your business. Signup below and I’ll send you content which will undoubtedly make a difference in your life, no matter where you come from.

In some respects, as the Millenial generation ages on, we’ve seen and come to understand that working long-hour days to achieve

I have some failures and successes, but most of all persistence.

Building million dollar companies since the age of 15, Cody has been able to push aside his struggles to actively running over 6 companies, and pursuing a pilots license, photography, kayaking, biking. I’d like to talk about how you can achieve these ambitions, how you can achieve your goals and still make money still live a certain lifestyle. I’m going to cover various aspects of life automation, outsourcing, productivity, in general mindset. I’m giving you a way of thinking a way to structure and organize your life in a manner that’s going to optimize your long-term goals. Something that is going to optimize not only your ability to make money in the present but help you realize what your long-term goals are and what your passions are.

Who am I?

We all have tremendous goals and ambitions in life, the key is is in not only learning what they but practicing them. Hi, my name is Cody and I’ve been building companies since I was in middle school. With a few successes and failures behind my belt, I worked feverishly to “make it”, and really learned who I was and surprisingly how I didn’t want to continue living my life as a workaholic. After years spent working 12 hour days, and energy drinks non-stop, I realized I wasn’t happy with who I was and how I was living my life. Building a business should be fun and enjoyable, but some take it too far. Some entrepreneurs let it get the best of them, and work their life away – and I was surely one of them. The old way of thinking that one needs to work hard and then retire when they are old is disappearing. There’s a new sheriff in town and with it, a sudden realization that we don’t have to do that anymore. So, what do I do you still ask? Making money is one thing, but making a difference is another. I’m here to inspire, to change and move a growing number of young adults into a new era. One that is filled without fears or regrets, without lost hopes or ambitions. I’m here to help you reach your goals, your dreams and push you, to help you get there.

Cody McLain’s Official (Short) Bio
Cody McLain is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of SupportNinja, an outsourced provider for fast-growing tech startups. For what it’s worth, Cody has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Businessweek, Mashable and Forbes. When not working with startups, Cody writes on his blog at about productivity and outsourcing.

Cody McLain’s Official (Long) Bio
Cody McLain is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of SupportNinja. After launching his first company at 15, Cody has gone on to build and sell multiple million dollar companies – landing him in Forbes, Businessweek, Mashable and Entrepreneur Magazine.

All six of Cody’s companies have focused on business support, giving him the opportunity to help thousands of entrepreneurs shape their ideas into successful businesses. He’s also learned a thing or two about how to launch and grow his own companies in the process.

Having established offices in India and the Philippines, Cody enjoys helping others learn how to outsource effectively to maximize productivity on his blog at

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