Media Kit

Media Kit

After founding his first company in middle school, Cody has gone on to build and sell a variety of million-dollar enterprises. His first two companies were in the web hosting industry which led him to open an office in India and provide outsourced support to other hosting companies. Today he is the founder and Executive Chairman of SupportNinja, an outsourced services company for I.T. companies and startups alike. SupportNinja handles the back-office and front-end Customer Support for a wide range of online platforms, apps and SAAS providers around the world.


Being an entrepreneur cannot be defined by your successes until it has been built by your failures.

Your potential can far exceed your expectations

You have to pretend like you know what you’re doing before you know what you’re doing.

It is always easier to edit what has been written than to write what has not been done.

Follow your dreams, your passions – your obsessions. Persistence will always turn failure into success. 

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