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I've been building companies since I was 15, and now I've taken that passion to help change the world by creating a world filled with people committed to following their dreams. Follow me as I share my own journey, and help teach you the skills, aspirations and mentality you'll need for your own success.

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Learn how to get moving on what matters most.

Find our what makes us tick, what can cause huge changes to our productivity over short periods of time.

I examine everything from light, sound and even drugs to find out the most efficient and optimal ways to bring up productivity long-term.

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Looking for some free tips on business, productivity, and just generally cool stuff? Then check out this page to be enlightened.

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My Books

Currently writing about my journey, but in the mean time I’ll be releasing free books that will help you become a happier version of, you.



“Blog Blog” When I come across a thought, idea or inspiration I find time to share it, and that’s where my blog comes into play.


My Brands

  • Pacifichost
  • SupportMonk
  • HostGalaxy
  • MindHack

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