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Building a company takes guts, a little bit of luck, and a dash of motivation. What if though, we lived in a world where luck never played a role in success or failure? What if, we didn't need motivation to Build, Master or Devote? What if, Persistence was actualized with simple logic and a better understanding of what true Productivity really is? What if, we could learn to be more successful and live more fulfilling lives? What if, we all had this ability and only needed to find the key? Well I don't believe in What If. It doesn't matter where we come from, or how smart we are - we all have an innate ability to accomplish our goals and work harder to achieve them. I've been building companies since I was in middle school and now I've mastered skill-sets across a range of fields and have an endless quest for knowledge. Follow me as I chronicle my journey of mastery and maybe you'll find your own key along the way.


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HostingCon Slide Links

In my recent 2014 cPanel Conference presentation, I put together a list of links and information relevant to the presentation and hosting services. I’ve put a list of each page below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. Customer Feedback Discounts Establish Cu

A farmer I look up to

It’s rare to meet somebody who has such a huge level of acceptance for himself and the world around him. Chris shows us that we are what we make ourselves out to be and there is no level of disability or bad situation which should prevent us from accomplishing our dreams and living out the [&h

Why Productivity Extensions don’t make you more Productive

In todays culture, we’re obsessed with productivity. Whether it’s getting more done or simply being more focused. It’s all about output. The less distracted we can be in a world that is constantly vying for our attention, the better. So what is one of the most popular ways to increase our productivity? Using Productivity tools […]

How Simple Daily Routines Transformed my Productivity by 300%

Everyday we wakeup, whether it be to the sound of the alarm clock or the sunlight hitting our faces. Each day we drag ourselves to work, or maybe we’re content with it. Either way, each day is a new challenge and for many of us it doesn’t get easier. We need to stop and take […]


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Learn how to get moving on what matters most.

Find our what makes us tick, what can cause huge changes to our productivity over short periods of time.

I examine everything from light, sound and even drugs to find out the most efficient and optimal ways to bring up productivity long-term.

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Currently writing about my journey, but in the mean time I’ll be releasing free books that will help you become a happier version of, you.



“Blog Blog” When I come across a thought, idea or inspiration I find time to share it, and that’s where my blog comes into play.


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